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October 24, 2023

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Think like a poet, write like a nov­el­ist, tell the truth.” What does this mean, and what is Lit­er­ary Non­fic­tion, any­way? Let’s jump into this genre and every­thing that makes it so unique and so exciting.

February 07, 2022

Tesla Science Foundation Special Acknowledgement

On Jan­u­ary 15, 2022, Kris­ten received a spe­cial acknowl­edge­ment in New York from the Tes­la Sci­ence Foun­da­tion for eight years of research into the life of Niko­la Tes­la (book com­ing soon!).

January 01, 2021, Deadline

TV Deal for Full Body Burden

A Tele­vi­sion project is in devel­op­ment with Blum­house that includes Full Body Bur­den, inspired by Kris­ten Iversen’s book, which tells the true sto­ry of a dead­ly gov­ern­ment secret hid­den in plain sight: the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant just outside…

December 08, 2020, Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Review of Don't Look Now: What We See Transforms Us

Essayists explore what can’t be unseen in Don’t Look Now

By Jane Mar­cel­lus | Decem­ber 32020

In a 1998 exper­i­ment con­duct­ed by the Weiz­mann Insti­tute of Sci­ence in Israel, researchers work­ing in quan­tum the­o­ry con­clud­ed that the sim­ple act of observ­ing a beam of elec­trons changes them. Con­verse­ly, what…

November 16, 2020

Don't Look Now Launch Webinar

The record­ing of the Zoom webi­nar held Novem­ber 6th, 2020 to launch Kris­ten Iversen’s and David Lazar’s new book Don’t Look Now: Things We Wish We Had­n’t Seen.

September 22, 2020

Doom with a View Webinar is Now Available

The full 2‑hour zoom webi­nar for Doom with a View is now available.

August 05, 2020, Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly Review of Don’t Look Now

Iversen and Lazar’s col­lec­tion will appeal to read­ers drawn to how lit­er­a­ture can be used to con­front, and pos­si­bly get past, dam­ag­ing memories.”

August 05, 2020, University of Cincinnati

UC professor's award-winning book inspires documentary

Kristen Iversen’s memoir explores nuclear safety, secrecy in Colorado

The book has been cho­sen by more than 30 uni­ver­si­ties around the coun­try for their Com­mon Read Pro­grams and has been used to teach ethics in gov­ern­ment and policy.”

May 01, 2020

Kristen has been selected as a Fulbright Scholar

Excit­ing news! Kris­ten has been select­ed as a Ful­bright Schol­ar at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Bergen in Nor­way for aca­d­e­m­ic year 2020 – 2021, where she will be teach­ing and con­duct­ing research for a new book.

December 23, 2019

University of Michigan chooses Full Body Burden for Common Read Program

The Col­lege of Engi­neer­ing loves chal­leng­ing our stu­dents to seek new ways of under­stand­ing their engi­neer­ing roles and expe­ri­ences both on and off cam­pus. Each stu­dent will be pro­vid­ed with a copy of Full Body Bur­den by Kris­ten Iversen.”

November 16, 2013

Full Body Burden editions in UK, Chi­na, and Japan

So excit­ed to see edi­tions of Full Body Bur­den in the UK, Chi­na, and Japan!